Remember Your Purpose, Activate Your Passion & Live In Your Power. Create a Life You LOVE!

Experience The Power Of Living Your Purpose & Passion.

All coaching programs are designed uniquely for you. There’s NO cookie cutter approach. Bio-Individuality (the unique way you’re made & the lifestyle you live) is key to your success.

One on One Coaching

This is for you if; you choose to fast track your success, you want results and want them FAST & you’re working with complex problems or looking to achieve massive goals. You’ll experience an intimate coaching style allowing you to feel; supported, guided, inspired and motivated. You’ll problem solve, seek solutions and get through barriers together. Co-create a life you love and have strategies in place for sustainable success.

Group Coaching

This virtual coaching program uses ZOOM so we can connect & communicate. Synergy is powerful! This coaching is for you if you; succeed best with group accountability, get inspiration from others achieving their goals, love group support and masterminding. This 12 month program (3 months on and 1 month solo, for 12 months) is designed to activate your purpose, ignite your passion and live your life in power.

Online Coaching Course

If you’re someone who loves; flexibility, lifetime access to self paced courses, you’re self motivated & enjoy a hybrid of online as well as 1-1 support with a coach, then this is for you! The programs vary from a 10 days to 12 months. You select the best fit to achieve a life you love.

Kirsty asks insightful questions that dig beyond your expressed desires, to your motivation, and taps you into the root source of what will compel you to move forward. Kirsty’s tailored approach, grounding presence and delightful personality will inspire you.”

Penny Lau Senior QI Process Leader

Let’s create a life you LOVE