As an outdoor educator, Kirsty’s job was to take people to the edge of a massive cliff face with crashing waves pounding the rocks, and tell them to jump. They did! She learned to gain rapport fast and guide people to take action they never thought possible.

Here’s the dark side. . .in 2009 her best friend Katia, died. Kirsty found herself in an unhealthy relationship, isolated from friends and family, flat broke and feeling suicidal. She lost her purpose.

She discovered Neuro-Linguistic Programming (through a chain of synchronicity) and becoming an NLP practitioner literally saved her life. 

From that point forward she utilized her skill set as an NLP  mindset coach and achieved what most, conceived to be impossible. She sculpted her life to match her dreams, traveled solo around the world for three years, married the man of her dreams and moved to America, to create a family with him. 

As a family they; travel internationally, chill out at their cabin on Lake Superior & locally can be spotted at the skate-park, on the mountain slopes or in a State or National Park, experiencing all they love.

Kirsty helps coaches connect with their ideal clients, redefine their own life and take strategic action so they’re spending more time chasing adventure, achieving goals, and living the lifestyle of their dreams.

Kirsty’s invested $70,000 in courses and coaches, over the years to build her business. She’s alchemized her learnings into a package for you, to take the stress, frustration, and lies out of building your business and get you the results you desire in 12 weeks or less!

She creates deep rapport quickly, allowing you to take leaps that will astound you! Her down-to-earth personality and sense of humor make her feel like a friend you’ve known for a lifetime!

Kirsty has a Master’s degree in Teaching and she’s a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP), Executive Life Coach, Health Coach, Hogan Coach and 360 Coach.

Kirsty’s adventured in America, Amsterdam, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, England, France, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland and Thailand.

She currently resides in sunny Wisconsin with her super cool husband Cris, 3 1/2 year old adventurer in the making, Zennia, and 3 rescue pets; Sonny Kitty, Smoosh Face and Sky Dog.

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