Hi I’m Kirsty

Ready to guide you to

Build Your Life

Your Way

As an outdoor educator, my job was to take people to the edge of a massive cliff face with crashing waves pounding the rocks, and tell them to jump. They did! I learned to gain rapport fast and guide people to take action they never thought possible.

Here’s the dark side. . .I grew up believing I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or talented enough. I doubted my impact and potential. I had low self-esteem (that I hid well) and felt trapped in jobs that I knew were not my “life’s purpose.” I had a mindset that was cruel sabotaging and at times debilitating.

I lost my best friend Jesmine to suicide in 1996 and thought the grief would never leave. In 2008 my best friend Katia died in her thirties from cancer, and I thought I’d never recover. I was in an unhealthy relationship, isolated from friends and family, in a mountain of debt, and felt suicidal. I lost my purpose, passion, and power in the world.

Fast forward to 2009 when I discovered Neuro-Linguistic Programming (through a chain of synchronicity) and become an NLP practitioner literally saving my life! From that point forward I knew how vital it was to help others to see their potential, embrace it and create a ripple effect in changing lives. I utilized my skill set as an NLP coach and achieved what a lot of people conceived (and told me) would be impossible. I embraced my purpose, followed my passion, and slowly my power returned.

I traveled solo around the world on a shoe-string budget for three years, married the man of my dreams, created a business doing what I love, and created an impact and income I’m proud of.

I thought I had to choose between building my business or being a good parent, wife, and decent friend. I was wrong! As a family we; travel internationally, chill out at our cabin on Lake Superior, play at the skate-park, or on the mountain slopes, and love camping and hiking in State or National Parks. I created my business to be in alignment with what I value most.

I help people start and build their aligned life so they’re creating the impact and income they desire.

I’ve invested $70,000 in courses and coaches, over the years to build myself and my business. Here’s what I discovered:

Not all courses, training, and coaches provide you with what they say they will.

You will NOT create success no matter how hard you try if you’re following a system that’s not in alignment with who you are.

Cookie-cutter courses where people are grouped together despite their income, stage in life, education, or experiences rarely get the results promised.

Some contracts will NOT let you out, even in dire circumstances, unless you pay half of what you owe. I consider this unethical.

The old “choose someone who’s totally opposite to you in order to get results” advice is multifaceted and not always a recipe for success!

My life experiences along with; travel, investing in business courses, education, and coaching have made me uniquely qualified to allow people to see themselves in a new way, motivate them to take action, and create a life they love in a customized way.