21 experts in success – guiding you to greatness. When your purpose is clear, your passion ignited and your power activated, there’s no stopping you!

The Summit starts on May 27th 2020 and goes for 21 days. Each day, you’ll hear from an expert in a specific field. There is $10,000+ worth of giveaways and invaluable inspiration, motivation and connections to set you up for success.

The 21 experts coming to you starting May 27th 2020. Sign ups open soon!

Ed latimore
Dave Kerpen
Madison Dalmaso
Dr Gina Senarighi
Shauna Suckow
Dr John Dempster
Rhonda Noordyk

As a world-class athlete I’m acutely aware that true health comes from a balance of mind, body, and spirit. For this reason, it is easy for me to recognize how gifted Kirsty is as a life coach. Because of her profound knowledge about nutrition and wellness, she is able to help people with a broad spectrum of needs to achieve the mental, physical, and spiritual balance they need in order to live healthy lives. Not only is she a smart and talented professional, she’s classy and has an amazingly positive attitude that is simply contagious! Anyone who chooses Kirsty as his or her health coach is making a wise decision.

Teri Larson Jones

When you’re on Purpose, passionate & powerful, what are you capable of?