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Terri Larson

Chemistry Professor and Professional Water Skier, FL

As a world-class athlete, I’m acutely aware that proper health comes from a balance of mind, body, and spirit. For this reason, it is easy for me to recognize how gifted Kirsty is as a coach. Because of her profound knowledge about mindset and wellness, she can help people with a broad spectrum of needs to achieve the mental, physical, and spiritual balance that is vital to living their best lives. Not only is she a smart and talented professional, but she’s also classy and has a merely contagious and amazingly positive attitude! Anyone who chooses Kirsty as her coach is making a wise decision.

Carrie Jain

Speech Pathologist, CA

Kirsty is an absolutely phenomenal coach, who has helped me to become “unstuck” many times over.  Because of her supportive guidance, I was finally able to move forward and accomplish one of my life’s dreams of starting my own business. Kirsty is your golden ticket to forward momentum, confidence, and feeling your best. She has a gift and everyone who encounters her will be blessed! You will NOT be disappointed!

Chantel Soumis

Speaker & Personal Brand Expert, WI

Kirsty makes practicing awareness, understanding, and gratitude simple by connecting exercises through her poetry. Kirsty’s book Metamorphosis of a Misfit is a refreshing mix of creativity and self-improvement drills, unlike any other book I’ve ever experienced! Metamorphosis of a Misfit is self-reflection in its purest form and encourages you to dig into your soul and understand who you are and why.

Dr. Debra Lafler

Wellness & Wellbeing Leader, WI

Kirsty is truly an exceptional rare-find. She’s brilliant! I would highly recommend her. I’m a wellness & wellbeing leader and I hired her to work with me, she’s amazing. What I love about working with Kirsty is that she allows me to be me, to be open, honest, and real. I can tell her anything, and we work through it together. She presents me with powerful questions to assist me with feeling stuck, and not knowing which direction to go in. She provides clarity on my next steps. Working with her, allowed me to discover my deeper self, and feel inspired to continue on my path!

Penny Lau

Senior QI Process Lead, WI

Before our work together, I was stale. Numb. I felt stuck in the muck of life… responsibilities on repeat. I was longing to feel alive and experience joy but felt that life was happening to me. Kirsty didn’t change my life. She gave me permission and guidance to change my own. She questioned my limiting beliefs. She helped me step out of my own way.  In just a few months, things I thought were once impossible (e.g., asking for and finding balance in work/life) were coming to fruition. My 65 hour work weeks have dropped to less than 40. Life has more meaning as I make space for the people I love and activities I enjoy. I am forever grateful for having found Kirsty and her presence in my life.

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