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Hey Coach,

Great to meet you. I don’t know about you and here at Work Horse Performance Coaching, we have a strong work ethic.

Hi, I’m Kirsty and I was raised on a dairy farm in New Zealand. I grew up, working hard, playing hard, creating and sometimes eating mud pies, wandering for hours, and marveling at nature.

I developed strong values of independence and resilience that’s allowed me to travel the world solo, live, and work in a variety of different countries, and build my coaching business, create courses, publish three books and live a life I love. What life experiences have you had, that have made you who you are today?

I discovered there are a million and seventeen ways to get to the same end result and that what ‘successful experts’ say isn’t always the right thing for me to do. Have you ever experienced this?

I  promise to give you a phenomenal return on your investment and, at Work Horse Coaching, we back this 100% with our ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ Guarantee.

Are you ready to gain clarity and connect with your ideal audience to build your business and change the world? YAY me too! Let’s get this adventure started.


Because ‘working my ass off, spending all the money I had and more – trialing and failing and flailing coaching’ doesn’t have the same marketing appeal!?!

In New Zealand, I had a horse when I was 5 to 13 years old. She was my dream, my life, and a stock horse that was a fantastic worker. Her name was Fantasy, I kid you not! Come on I was little and obsessed with the TV show Fantasy Island.

Fast forward to today, I’ve traveled the world and live in the USA, I’m six years into my business adventure, and my journey was not pretty! How has your coaching journey been so far? I’m not sure if you can relate and my business building story was one of being; stressed, depressed, and frustrated with working to my bones, feeling incredibly depleted, and still not achieving the goals I wanted. I turned into a person I was not proud to be. Am I the only one that turns into a stress monster of yuckiness or have you done that too?

You know those days of tears, heartache, and a deep yearning to succeed? I was in deep and didn’t know which way was up. I knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential despite working to the point of breakdown. You know that point of ‘this has to work, it just has to.’ That feeling of I don’t know what else to do, I’ve done everything and it’s not enough.

I nearly gave up, more times than I want to admit.

After $70,000+ of investing in self-help, coaches, business building ventures, and workshops, I finally shifted my struggles to sublime success, and this happened in less than 12 weeks. I couldn’t believe it and thought, shit, these methods are like a WORK HORSE that takes all the hard yakka out of building your coaching business!

It was such a blessing & relief. Have you ever had that moment of a breakthrough, extreme clarity, or a deep knowing that this was your path?

This was mine and in a few short weeks, Clients For Coaches Masterclass was born!

I know you may be skeptical. I, too, have been burned by courses, programs, and coaches, promising the world and delivering little to no ROI (return on investment).

For this reason, we have a ‘We’ve Got Your Back Guarantee’ to back-up our promise to you.

If qualifications and more info are essential to you, read on. If not, STOP and take action to get some freakin phenomenal results!

My Masters in teaching degree serves me as I draw on my past experiences to recognize that everyone has BIO-INDIVIDUALITY (different passions, motivations, learning styles, and life experiences.) It taught me a lot about human psychology and how to motivate people and turn learning into an adventure.

I utilize my Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training as the basis everything I do and teach. My NLP training changed my life, it’s the reason I choose coaching as my dream life. NLP is incredible for coaching limiting beliefs, future-pacing (feeling, seeing, and hearing visualizations to practice reaching your goals), as well as communicating effectively to yourself and others.

My experience providing contract work as a facilitator at the Center for Exceptional Leadership (CEL) has given me insights into the corporate world, and specifically how to achieve business goals utilizing a growth-mindset, tools, and techniques that are custom made, depending on your personality assessments, learning style, and past experience. I’m a certified HOGAN assessment instructor and use this as a basis for our C suite clients year-long training.

Going through Shanda Sumpters’ Heart Core business training, gave me skills and tools to create an online TV presence and utilize this to build your list of ideal clients while increasing your reputation. It also taught me to run my business with values and morals that are important to me and not to use hard sales tactics and marketing that’s not in alignment with who I am.

Training with Sabri Subi at King Kong taught me vital information about marketing and sales to get your ideal clients and create an entrepreneur lifestyle that allows you to function at your best. He taught me how to set up funnels, provide value, and to guarantee your work. This course also taught me that I need a balance of masculine and feminine energy when designing, marketing, and delivering my products and services. It taught me that my creativity and uniqueness are an asset, not a distraction.

Going through ‘Momentum’ with Marisa Murgatroyd was the puzzle piece I was missing. This course reminded me of my true nature and got to the core of what I wanted to offer the world and fine-tune my niche.

I combine my multi-faceted background, coaching, training, and real-life experience,  to provide you with a unique coaching program that guarantees you’ll have 1 or more clients in 12 weeks or less.

Is NOW your time? What you once thought impossible is now possible. You will build your coaching business with ease and grace. Ready to take a journey that’s backed up with a guarantee?

What does your dream life look like? Part of my dream life includes travel and I’ve been blessed to travel solo and adventure in; Amsterdam, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, England, France, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, and Thailand. Travel taught me about diversity, respect, problem-solving, creativity, gratefulness, and awe.

I currently reside in sunny Wisconsin with my super awesome hubby Cris, our 4-year-old adventurer in the making, Zennia, and three rescue pets; Sonny Kitty, Smoosh Face, and Sky Dog.

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